Welcome to the Firearm Festival website, the festival offers hunters, sport shooters and all firearm enthusiast an opportunity to play and compete with their firearms. The main sponsor for the firearm festival is Pro-Amm PMP and they also host the main event which is the PMP Grouping event where qualifiers can compete for the PMP team.

Firearm festival was started by Dr. WHS Barnard as a place for firearm enthusiast to come play and enjoy their rights as firearm owners. Since Dr. Barnard has also started the Knapskoot firearm training business helping firearm owners to obtain their licenses.

Home - PMP/ProAmm Grouping Shoot

PMP/ProAmm Firearms Festival 26/8/2017

 Die belankrikste van die reels is die volgende:


  • Scope vergroting – Maks 12( 
  • Loop lengte – Maks 26”
  • Loop dukte by kroon – Maks 22mm (Gebruik diskressie)
  • Geen blitsbreukers of knaldempers
  • Geen spotterscopes by skietpunt
  • Slegs ammunisie wat deur PMP voorsien is word gebruik
  • 3 Skoot groepering – Meer of minder gate op teiken is ‘n DQ (Gebruik diskressie)
  • Geen familie direk langs mekaar in dieselfde aflos
  • Slegs 1 kaliber per aflos per skut, verskillende greine word wel toegelaat (Geen wapen ruiling tydens die aflos nie)
  • Om te kwalifiseer vir kaliber pryse is die volgende belangrik:
    • Groepering kleiner as 35mm
    • Min 6 Teikens vir spesifieke kaliber
    • Persoon moet teenwoordig wees vir ontvangs daarvan


You enter for two targets at a sitting.

You must use the same rifles for those two targets.

You may use two different bullet weights.



A group of 3 shots is measure. If more than 3 or less than 3 shots on a target, the target is disqualified. We will use discretion, if it can be proven that the mistake was through no fault on the side of the shooter.

No helpers/family members are allowed next to the shooter's table.

No family members are allowed to shoot in the same relay.

Only ammunition supplied by PMP/ProAmm are allowed at the PMP/ProAmm shoot.

No spotting scopes allowed.

No attachmentsto barrel. (muzzle brakes, silencers etc.)

Maximum scope magification 12x. Variable scopes to be set at 12x and sealed. Breaking or tampering with the seal will lead to disqualification of the shooter FOR THE DAY!

Maximum barrel length:26 inches measured at crown. Officials will apply discretion here.

Maximum muzzle diameter 22mm measured at crown.  Officials will apply discretion here.

To qualify for the national championships, a shooter must shoot a grouping of 18 mm. (In the present cycle of 18 months.)

To qualify for a prize in the caliber category:

Grouping must be less than 35 mm.

At least 6 targets must have been shot in that calibre.

Shooter must be present at the prize-giving.




PMP/ProAmm KALIBERS          
.243 Winchester 80gr          
.243 Winchester 100gr          
6mm Musgrave 100gr          
.25-06 Remington 120gr          
.270 Winchester 130gr          
.270 Winchester 150gr          
7 x 57 Mauser 170gr          
7 x 57 Mauser 150gr          
7 x 64 Brenneke 150gr          
7 x 64 Brenneke 170gr          
7 mm Rem Mag 170gr          
7 mm Rem Mag 150gr          
.308 Winchester 150gr          
.308 Winchester 168gr          
.308 Winchester 180gr          
.30-06 Springfield 150gr          
.30-06 Springfield 168gr          
.30-06 Springfield 180gr          
.30-06 Springfield 220gr          
.300 Win Mag 180gr          
.300 Win Mag 220gr          
300 H & H 180gr          
9,3 X 62 Mauser 286gr          
.303 BR 150gr