Boer and Brit


More than a century ago, the tiny Boer republics tackled the mighty British empire in what became a titanic battle between riflemen. Expected to last only three weeks, this war was ended almost three years later. A lot of bitterness resulted between Boer and Brit, but now after 109 years, there is a mutual respect between the two nations.

In a spirit of serious competition, the descendants of these tough soldiers battle it out on the shooting range.
Teams of four compete against each other and the clock. Typically teams would have names like Jopie Fourie, Lord Kitchener and General de Wet. The younger shooters though prefer names like "Wildebeeste" or even "Kommandowurms"!

The rifles used must reflect the spirit of the Boer War: Iron sights, and manual actions. The typical rifle used by most, is the old army issue .303 Lee Metfords.

No telescopes, pump actions, or semiautomatic rifles are allowed.

Shooting offhand the teams "engage the enemy" at a range of 100 m. The enemy soldiers are steel falling plates of one square foot, painted either with the Transvaal Vierkleur or the Union Jack. Each team has sixteen plates to knock down in as short a time as possible. There is no limit on the number of rounds used, and team members help each other to complete the battle.

This makes for good spectator value as well.

Some feedback from the 2012 Boer and Brit shoot:

Guys, I have to pass on this rather serious message that was delivered to TTFF:


Het werd ons onder aandag gebrengen dat een joiner by name Johan Schoeman in de companie bekend als Bullers Barstids opgemerkd worden.Volgens berichten is hij onder de wapen en neem aan de kant der vijand aan gevechten deel.

Hiermee wenst de regering der ZAR te velde kennis te geven dat genoemde verrader voor de vuurpeloton gebrengt zullen worden, zijn rechtmatige straf te ontvangen.

Krijgsraad der ZAR


Alst het vuurpeleton bestaand uit De Wet en syn Donders hebt heer Schoeman geen duit te vreesjen.

*duiken en hardlopen*