(BASA) Big Bore Association Range


This range is dedicated to Big Bore shooting, and run by the Big Bore Association of South Africa. Big Bore is defined as rifles of 9,3 mm and bigger.

The aim of this discipline is to simulate the use of Big Bores in what Big Bores are intended for. That is the shooting of Big Dangerous game. The targets are life sized animals, some of which run past, and others actually charging. The range tests not only marksmanship, but all aspects of rifle handling.

The big game hunter who knows his rifle well will score and an attractive hunting package is the prize for the winner. casino games Grand Ruby hi slut Slots ConsultantSlots Bet

Active Hunting range:

For those who yearn to shoot big game, but lacks a rifle in that class, this range duplicates the big bore range, but shooting is done with .22 rim fire rifles. Juniors are welcome, but this range is definitely open for seniors as well.

The serious rifle shot who knows his .22, and is competent in fast offhand shooting has a definite advantage.