Registration Procedure & Cost 2017


The registration process is simple: Participants just arrive at the range, register as a shooter and enter for the events they want to take part in. This happens at the admin desk in front of the big veranda.

REGISTRATION IS FREE. The registration number will be used throughout the festival for entering the different events. Admin is running throughout the day, which means there are no cut-off times and you can add on entries in the different events throughout the day. The only prohibitive factor is the sunlight.

Junior shooters (who have not yet turned 17 by 26/8/2017), who only want to participate in the .22 junior training item, are exempted from obtaining a registration number. (We want to make it as accessible as possible for our shooters of the future.) Please note that shooters must have their firearm licenses with them. If you want to shoot with a borrowed firearm, the law allows this, as long as the licensed owner accompanies you. The same applies to a situation where the range officer allows you to use his fire-arm. (For example Clay target shooting or junior training.)

List of events taking place: Prices & Terms

Registration: FREE

Pro-Amm grouping shoot: R160 (For 2 targets)

Own rifle is to be used. The shooter is issued with seven rounds in the caliber and bullet weight specified by him/her.

Shooter will use one round for warming up, and then 3 rounds on the one target, and three rounds on the next target.

Specific rules elsewhere on the website.

•    No limit on the number of entries.
•    Prizes to be won:
•    Best grouping overall: Cash prizes for the first ten, Trophies and other goodies.
•    Caliber class winners, one box of ammo in your caliber plus trophy
•    Ladies best grouping:  Prizes to be announced.
•    Juniors best grouping: Jannie van Rensburg floating trophy for best junior shot.

CHASA: R100 per turn


Big bore shoot: R200 per turn.

  • Own rifle and ammo to be used. Only 9,3 mm and bigger. Bullet weight to be declared on entry form. Will not exceed 12 cartridges per turn.
  • No limit on number of entries. BUT only first score counts for BASA member’s annual score. All entries qualify for hunting package prize.
  • Prize : Hunting package of one Kudu bull and one Kudu cow, four nights for two hunters camping @ Lemetford.
  • Additional prizes of ammunition sponsered by Peregrine!

Active hunting range: R50 per turn

  • Own .22, or borrowed rifle. 5 rounds of ammo supplied.
  • Prize : to be announced on day of festival.

Clay target shooting: R100 per turn

  • 7 clays and 7 cartridges supplied. Own or borrowed shotgun.
  • (Note that previously this was only 5 shots per turn - have more fun.)
Own ammo allowed only if you shoot 16G, 20G, 28G or .410.
  • Various prizes.

Junior Training: R30 per turn

  • Rifles and ammo supplied. 10 shots
  • Various prizes sponsored by Jagtersvereniging.

PIN SHOOT: R100 per turn


Handgun: R30 per turn: Range run by SAS

  • Own gun and ammo only.
  • Two categories: Occasional handgun shooters (Typically a .38 snubbie in the handbag) and Dedicated handgun shooters (Military style pistol in kydex holster).
  • Occasional handgun shooters: an opportunity to get to know your handgun under the guidance of an instructor.
  • Dedicated handgun shooters: an opportunity to test your skills.
  • Various prizes.

Boer and Brit shoot: R200 per team of four.

There will be four categories:

1) Anglo Boer War II:

Any manually operated , iron sighted rifle. Typically .303 Lee Enfields are used. Each team of four has to knock over 16 falling plates over 100 metres. No limit on amount of ammo, but the event is timed. The team with the shortest time wins.

2) World War II:
As above, but telescopic sights are allowed. Rifles must still be manually operated.

3) Border war:
 No limitations on rifles. Semi-auto, any optics are allowed. Also teams of four with 16 falling plates over 100 metres.

Food and drinks

•    Hotdogs, Pap & Wors, Sosaties, Coffee & Sodas available throughout the day at the normal prices.
•    Kudu potjiekos, sosaties, worsies and pap FREE after the prize giving.


To accommodate more entries, we plan to streamline our administrative processes. Prospective participants will be allowed to enter on Friday evening from 18:00 until 20:00 at the admin center. This will benefit the many campers on the site, as well as some enthusiastic supporters from town who will drive out there to enter . (and then stay for a bring en braai).